Our goal is to grow our core business and leverage synergies to expand into environmental adjacencies.

Our purpose, create a world without waste to preserve our planet, is the foundation of our organisational identity and the basis of our multi-year strategic plan to further our leadership in the circular economy. Through a disciplined approach to capital management, we’ve made steady progress toward accomplishing our strategic targets.

In addition, we continued our ongoing success to the commitment and drive for outstanding work of our more than 4,000 employees. From an employee standpoint, celebrating current employees and attracting purpose-driven talent are ongoing priorities. We implemented a number of initiatives to strengthen our culture, including an organisational capability review, expanding our Respect and Inclusion educational series and the Women Working @ Sims group to cultivate top industry leadership. Our goal is to be the employer of choice in the environmental sector.

That is why we consistently diversify our business offerings. As a responsible corporate citizen, we continuously seek new ways to broaden our participation in the environmental sector.

Expertise and Innovation

For more than 100 years, Sims Limited has pioneered advancements in recycling.