Developing Our Workforce Through Continuous Employee Development

Sims Limited is committed to the personal development and professional growth of all employees. All new hires receive comprehensive onboarding and participate in formal and informal programs that enable them to quickly acclimate to Sims Limited’s culture. This induction includes intensive training in all of the critical aspects of SHECS: safety, health, environment, community and sustainability.

As each employee progresses through his or her career, s/he is provided with functional and professional training courses on an ongoing basis via Sims University, which includes both online and class based training, as well as through extensive regional learning opportunities.

The Sims University Learning Center, our online training and cultural orientation portal, is available to all Sims employees and serves as a central repository for ongoing performance and skill-based training. Additionally, Sims offers a comprehensive safety training certification as well as multi-tiered leadership and management training programs.