Our Core Values


Safety will always be our first priority. We believe that all injury incidents are preventable and we are committed to a goal of zero injuries.


We conduct all business with integrity and adhere to the highest standard of ethical business conduct.


We will treat each other, our customers, visitors and community members with respect and dignity.


We ensure a sense of appropriate transparency in everything we do.


We commit to excellence in everything we do and champion continuous improvement and sharing of best practices across the country.

Social Responsibility

We aim to be the world’s safest and most sustainable recycling company.

Our core values are the foundation of everything we do.

Alistair Field – CEO & Managing Director, Sims Limited

Discipline and Knowledge Sharing

Sims Limited is committed to achieving professional results in everything we do: customer service, the management of our business divisions, the professionalism of our employees, the service to our community, and our financial performance.

We continually improve our businesses using a wide range of resources, skills and knowledge, and we will always endeavor to transfer learning into effective actions to benefit customers. We encourage everyone to learn from their mistakes. In addition, we will continue our commitment to corporate governance, openness and transparency, including strict criteria to govern financial transactions, such as investments and acquisitions.

Global View

Sims Limited, a global leader in metal and electronics recycling and an emerging leader in the municipal recycling and the renewable energy industries, is committed to maximizing the social value we deliver to all of our people and our communities.

Our business is based on responsible resource management, contributing to the long-term sustainability of the planet, exemplified in our participation in the Dow Jones index, as well as the International Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP7).