Sims Resource Renewal

Learn how Sims Limited, through our Sims Resource Renewal division, is innovating circular economy solutions to create a world without waste to preserve our planet.

100 Year History

Backed by a 100 year history, today Sims Limited is the world’s leading listed metals and electronics recycler, as well as an emerging player in the municipal recycling and renewable energy industries. (3 minutes, 41 seconds)

Computer and E-Waste Recycling

Watch this video from Sims Lifecycle Services (formerly Sims Recycling Solutions) as discarded electronics and old computers are recycled. Recycling e-waste produces raw material streams of steel, plastic, copper, aluminum, and precious metals, which can be used to make new products. (2 minutes, 39 seconds)

New York City Recycling Facility

The Sims Municipal Recycling plant in Brooklyn is the largest commingled recycling facility in North America. Today, Sims Municipal Recycling is the processor of 100% of the metal, glass and plastic and 50% of the paper collected by the NYC Department of Sanitation throughout the five boroughs. (4 minutes, 33 seconds)